Miranda Lambert allegedly dumped a salad on a woman after a male companion got into an altercation at Nashville restaurant Stoney River Steakhouse on Sunday according to news4sanantonio.com.

The alleged incident resulted from a patron and Miranda's friend arguing in the bathroom about millennials and cell phones. From there, Miranda got involved in the argument. In the process, Miranda allegedly dumped a salad on the wife of the man who was arguing with her friend.

Police were called to the restaurant but Miranda and her group had already left according to TMZ. No police report was filed.

TMZ did obtain video from after the incident from someone eating at the restaurant showing the man yelling at Miranda's friend, then later, Miranda leaving the steakhouse.

Nothing much really comes out from the video except some gossiping from the table.

Messing with Miranda Lambert is not exactly the best thing to do. She is from East Texas. Women here will throw down faster than Cardi B.

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