Just the sound of mosquitoes in this video has me swatting around my face.

Now that the storm has passed, there's a lot of sitting water in many Texas cities. That alone is a difficult hazard to deal with as evacuees begin to pick up the pieces. But YouTube user Tyler Bennett's video shows another issue Texans have to deal with: mosquitoes.

Bennett and a co-worker were doing a 345kV transmission power line demolition in Refugio on Monday, according to CBS7.

RoidedOutTexansFan via Reddit
RoidedOutTexansFan via Reddit

This photo posted from Houston reddit user RoidedOutTexansFan (amazing username, right?) will haunt my dreams.

Remember, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) says there is usually an increase in mosquito population after flooding. Most are considered a mere nuisance, but they also make note that:

Small increases in the numbers of West Nile Virus virus cases were noted in some areas of Louisiana after Hurricane Katrina.

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