This story and video are not for the faint of heart.

A woman in Cuba is coming under a firestorm after posting a video of her three year old son getting a tattoo. She holds him down as he screams and cries uncontrollably while the tattoo artists pierces him with a needle.

The unfortunate part of this horrific story is that in Havana, Cuba, it is not illegal to tattoo a child. It seems that everyone in this video isn't even phased by the fact that the child is in so much pain. At one point, she is heard saying 'look, look' in Spanish as her child tries desperately to escape her grip.

So far the reason for the tattoo has not been released, as well as what the tattoo was. While it may not be illegal, which it most definitely should be, this is obviously a form of child abuse. Everyone involved should be punished to the utmost extent.

Warning: This video is very disturbing. Watch at your own discretion.

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