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The next time you're in Walmart on Fourth St. in Longview, Texas, or headed into Christus Mother Frances Hospital in Tyler, Texas, or grabbing a Chick-fil-A sandwich in Jacksonville, Texas take a look around you, you'll see there are a lot more tattoos walking around than there was a decade or even five years ago. Tattoos are becoming more and more accepted and more mainstream than in previous years.

I have friends who have said that getting a tattoo can be an addictive thing. They start out with something extremely personal and then they'll go back to add something different and before they know it they're up to 8 to 15 images on their body. In my opinion, that's a lot of pain to go through! The permanent inked images and quotes have special meaning to the person wearing them for everyone to see.

The folks over at Zippia conducted a survey and found that 30% of Americans have tattoos.  When it comes to the most commonly searched-for tattoo online, that title belongs to the butterfly. From the survey though they found out what the most popular tattoo was from each state.

In Texas, the most popular tattoo is...

Juggalo tattoo. The juggalo tat shows a man with spiked hair running in stride with his legs and arms bent and stretched our carrying a hatchet in one of his hands. This image is also known as the 'Hatchetman' tattoo.

While the juggalo tattoo is extremely popular in Texas, in neighboring Louisiana it's the Saints logo, in Oklahoma it's the phrase 'no regrets' and in New Mexico the most popular is a fake tattoo! Whether it's a zodiac sign, marine mammal, statue or phrase tattooed on someone's body, more than a third of companies today are fine with visible tattoos.


While there are no age restrictions when it comes to receiving a tattoo in the state of Texas, Texas does require minors 17 and younger to have written consent and be in the presence of the parent or legal guardian to receive a tattoo. The parent or guardian must also believe it is 'in the best interest' of the minor and can only be done to cover an 'obscene or offensive' existing tattoo.

Zippia also learned from the survey that the U.S. has seen a 21% increase in the number of people with tattoos since 2012 and that about a third of American companies are ok with visible tattoos.

So, when you go get that ink, make sure it means something to you and that foreign phrase or lettering you get means what it's supposed to mean, and if there is any spelling whatsoever - make sure it's spelled right!

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