The Madison County Sheriff's Office announced that a 6-year search for an 11-year-old girl from Texas has come to an end after she was found in Madisonville.

The girl's mother, Heather Renee Inks, is behind bars this morning for kidnapping Penelope Inks, who was 11 years old at the time. Police found the pair in a Madisonville motel.

After an investigation by the FBI, it was found that Heather kidnapped Penelope after the child's father was granted sole custody of her.

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When she was found at the motel, Heather initially gave police officers a false identity, but later admitted to who she was and that Penelope was being held at the motel. Police found Penelope in another motel room emaciated. She was taken to a hospital for physical and mental evaluation and released to the custody of Child Protective Services.

Police say Penelope's father was very emotional and grateful that she was found.

In a press release, it was said that this case should serve as a message for those that take their children and hide them - "you can run, but you cannot hide. We will find you."

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