The Dallas Cowboys are on track to regain their title of 'Super Bowl Champs'. They're one step closer thanks to their win last weekend over Tom Brady and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Up next for the 'Boys are the San Francisco 49ers. When the Cowboys defeat the 49ers this weekend they'll be two wins away from being Super Bowl Champions, something that hasn't happened since Super Bowl XXX (1995)!

When the Dallas Cowboys win Super Bowl LVII it'll be time for Post Malone to follow through with something he said he was going to do when the Cowboys win the biggest game in the name of sports. He made a bold statement while at a dinner with former Dallas Cowboys stand-out Michael Irvin back in October if the Cowboys win the Super Bowl, he would get the number 88 tattooed on his forehead. Personally, I believe he will go through with it. Have you seen Post Malone's face lately?! At this point, what's one more tat?

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Post Malone will be adding another tattoo to his forehead if the Dallas Cowboys win Super Bowl LVII in Arizona in February.

Malone makes this statement while having dinner Thursday with Dallas Cowboys legends Michael Irvin, Drew Pearson, and Dez Bryant. Post Malone is in Dallas for his Friday night Twelve Carat tour show at the American Airlines Center.

The whole tattoo talk exchange was captured on video and uploaded to Michael Irvin's Twitter account and came about after Irvin toasted the Cowboys and the gang at the table saying that they need to "replicate the dinner" in Arizona if the Cowboys make it to the Super Bowl this year.

Right after Irvin completed his toast, Post Malone interjected the following statement,

If the Cowboys win the Super Bowl, I get a 88 on my forehead.
Post Malone has been a Dallas Cowboys fan for quite some time and has ties to the Dallas Cowboys because when he lived in Grapevine his dad was a concessions manager at the stadium. Drew Pearson also posted a video on

Post Malone is performing in Dallas tonight (Friday, October 21st) at the American Airlines Center and then he'll be in Ft. Worth on Wednesday, October 26th.

As far as the Dallas Cowboys making it to the Super Bowl in February, they're on the right track. They're currently in third place in the NFC East and fourth in the NFC and fifth in the league. They face the Detroit Lions Sunday to hopefully extend that lead because the Lions have a 1 and 4 record right now and the Cowboys expect Dak Prescott to be back leading the team to another victory.

When the Cowboys make it to Super Bowl LVII and win, you will see 88 on Post Malone's forehead!

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