Nothing – and we mean NOTHING – can stop a mother from protecting her children.

Nowhere is that more evident than in Hialeah, Fla., where a woman fought off a carjacker from stealing her vehicle with her kids inside it.

Two men failed in their attempt to carjack another car at a gas station on Monday night, so they then tried to make off with the woman's convertible. Surveillance cameras caught the woman opening the driver's door and ripping a ski mask off the face of one of the suspects, sending him and the other man -- who had jumped into the passenger seat -- running away.

Why was the woman so brave? Her two kids were in the back seat.

The two men fled to a waiting getaway car being driven by a woman. Police later arrested all three.

One policeman summed up the woman's bravery in protecting her children by saying, "She wasn't gonna let them be taken, so she fought, she dragged the guy out of the car, and they both ran away like cowards."

No one was hurt during the ordeal.