Munchies wrote an article saying that Brooklyn BBQ is taking over the world. When you look at the picture tweeted out from them, you'd think they were making a joke. Apparently, they were very serious and most of Twitter disagreed with them. We do, too.

Yes, that is considered BBQ in Brooklyn. I'm gonna ask what your asking right now, "How the hell can that be considered BBQ?" According to the article, it's because the guys in Brooklyn doing this think they are treading new waters by not following Texas or Kansas City or Memphis ways of BBQ.

You might want to. This is a joke.

And a lot of the Twitterverse agreed. The couple of BBQ shots below make your mouth water, what's up above does not.

According to the article, there are restaurants around the world adopting this style. They obviously don't know or understand what BBQ is.

Hey Brooklyn guys, if you want to experience real BBQ, getcha a couple of tickets to next year's Red Dirt BBQ and Music Fest. Your recipe will change.

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