It's Texas meets Kentucky somewhere in South Carolina. You guys gotta hear this. James Tucker from Travelers Rest, South Carolina (which is an actual town and not just a place to stop when passing through, like you may think, I looked it up), posted a clip singing the Koe Wetzel fan-favorite "Honey Pain." It's really good too, but it's who he sounds like though that'll blow your mind ears.

Tucker's come down with a serious case of Childers, and we're here for it. A quick Google search revealed that Tucker is a musician, he's released a couple music videos and has recorded at least one album. However his website and Twitter have both been deactivated. Hopefully this isn't the last time we hear from our new pal. (If you're having trouble viewing the video try clicking here)

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You can find "Honey Pain" on Koe Wetzel's debut album Noise Complaint. For Koe's 2020 release, Sellout, he went and added a whole new level of songwriting, proving that he belongs at the forefront of this scene. It’s southern rock and roll meets late ‘90s and early 2000s punk rock meets raw, hillbilly East Texas country music. Next month he'll embark on that ballpark tour.

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