The first time Koe Wetzel stopped by the Radio Texas LIVE! in 2017, he was ready for Taco Bell to come calling. Well, they never did. And it's bad news for them, cause Raising Cane's did and there's a new official fast food joint for February 28th, aka Koe Wetzel Day.

If you're new here, Koe Wetzel burst onto the Texas scene in '16 dropping his smash "February 28, 2016" (The Taco Bell Song). Since then Koe has been filling up music venues and living down Taco Bell references, which I Imagine is much easier to do when you're slaying the music game like he is.

This year as folks online speculated if he'd open up his new Fort Worth bar leading up to Feb. 28th, as he's prone to do, Koe swerved. Not only is Koe Wetzel's Riot Room still not open, now we find out we're all Caniacs. All of us. Whether you wanted to be or not.

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In a new video, we find out that the only reason Koe went to Taco Bell on that fateful drunken night seven years ago was because his town did not have a Raising Cane's.

Call it revisionist history, call it opportunistic, me? Imma go grab me some chicken fingers and that perfectly spicy Cane's Sauce, cause I've gotta Raising Cane's around the corner from the station and I'm hungry.


@koe_wetzel Making me think I did it all wrong back in 2016. THIS is how everyone should be spending February 28th @raisingcanes ♬ original sound - Koe Wetzel

And, don't worry, next time I see Koe I'll find out how many takes it took for him to get "Who Who's in the zoo? Want some chicken from me to you?" down.  

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