2020 is almost over. We've still got some cleaning up to do the first three or four months of next year but things will start getting better soon. But the key phrase is "almost over." Which means we've still got some tomfoolery to deal with. That's where these mystery monoliths come in. They prove why 2020 has been so messed up.

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Last week, in the Utah desert, a Utah Department of Public Safety and Division of Wildlife Resources crew who were photographing bighorn sheep discovered a metal monolith. It stood about 10-12 feet tall and was triangle in shape. No one knew where it came from or why it was there.

I'm guessing it's the time traveler who's talked to someone they weren't suppossed to and now they heading back in time to fix their mistake and making our present time completely turn on itself. Whoever this time traveler is is completely disregarding the rules of time travel. Do not interact with anyone and don't try to fix a mistake. It throws the whole timeline out of wack.

I want to meet this time traveler. What year is he or she or they from? Why are they traveling through time? Why did they decide to mess up what was supposed to be a perfect year? Why aren't they in a DeLorean? Of course by even talking to the time traveler, I could completely ruin the planet.

Last Friday, the monolith disappeared from the Utah desert. I guess our time traveling mistake maker is on to their next "corrective measure." I guess that correction is in Romania since a monolith mysteriously appeared there on Saturday, just a day after the Utah disappearance.

Hopefully this is the time travelers last stop so we can naturally start correcting ourselves. We shall see.

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