It’s amazing what people will believe about Texas just because they see something on TV or seen a scene in a movie and that is what they truly think Texas is like. Although most of us know that there are some common misconceptions about people in Texas and the way we live here in the lone star state.  

Many People Think Texas Doesn’t Evolve 

It’s almost funny how much people believe that what they see in a movie or on social media is real life. There are many people that live outside of Texas that still think that most people in Texas get around by riding horseback. It’s hilarious because we all know that is not the truth but it’s amazing how people who don’t live here can almost make these things up in their head.  

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There Are So Many Different Parts of Texas 

Anyone who is visiting Texas, especially for the first time, should really explore as much as possible. You can get so many different experiences depending on where you spend your time in Texas. Galveston and DFW are not the same, just like Houston and El Paso are not the same. You will have fun in all these places, just make sure you adventure as much as possible.  

Take Time to Talk with Texans 

After striking up a conversation at a grocery store or just about anywhere you will realize that southern hospitality is not something that is made up in the movies. People truly are kind and try to look out for each other. Living in Texas is amazing, but make sure you don’t believe all the myths you hear about our home state.  

Let’s start looking at some of the crazy myths people believe about Texas.  

13 Myths Not Texans Believe are True about Texas

I decided to make a fun list of things that non-Texans believe are true about our home state of Texas. A couple of these, native Texans believe.

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32 States With Laws to Take Guns From Certain People

The 2nd amendment is very important for Texans. However, it's very possible Texas could follow other states and take guns away from certain law breaking citizens.

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