You will face palm while laughing reading this story.

Firefighters were called to a home in Niceville, Florida according to When the first responders arrived, they were met at the front door by a naked man. He said, "I'm sorry" then shut the door in their face.

Police had to be called at this point.

When police knocked on the door, they were greeted by the same naked man. This time, he opened the door and went back into the house, leaving the door open.

Even with the inside of the home on fire, the man could not comprehend that he was in danger. Officers finally got the gentleman out of the house.

Firefighters were able to put the fire out.

Here comes the obvious reason this dude was out of his gourd. He admitted to drinking two liters of vodka and smoking marijuana. He started early, too, 9 A.M.

So how did the fire start? Well, he was attempting to grill cookies on his George Foreman grill. He left it unattended and it caught on fire which in turn caught other items in the house on fire.

Don't do drugs, people. Don't do drugs.

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