A New Mountain to Climb is Neal McCoy's new book now available, according to Tate Publishing.

Neal describes his inspiring book as "Heroes I've Met and the Mountains They Climb Every Day."

"The song came first ... then the idea for a book. One of America's most loved and charismatic country music artists, Neal McCoy, offers a glimpse into the lives of some very brave men, women, and children. Each chapter illuminates the character of those Neal refers to as 'his heroes' who climb life's toughest mountains; through serious physical handicaps, relentless pain, the loss of someone dear, the end of a dream, or leadership under pressure. When Neal recorded A New Mountain to Climb, he thought of these people who inspired him and changed his life.

Of course folks here in East Texas  are familiar with Neal's generosity with the East Texas Angel Network, a non profit that  wishes to help every child they can.

I adore Neal and consider him an East Texas "treasure!"

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