Winter time in East Texas can be a lot of things, but oftentimes it's cold and wet. If you're looking for a warm escape with abundant sunshine, I've got the place.Head to the islands. Whether you're more interested in the U.S. Virgin Islands or Britsh, commonly known as the BVI, you'll be in for treat! You don't even need a passport if you're headed to one of the U.S. islands. It's an exciting time to visit, because they are welcoming tourists like never before.

You may recall that last Fall, the area was hit with devastating hurricanes. I visited the BVI almost a year ago, and the aftermath of the storms was still visible. Bars and restaurants were reopening, and rebuilding. Sailboats were upside down on land, and some ravaged in the water. Homes on hillsides were destroyed. They were hit very hard.

According to Thrill List, the islands are reinventing themselves and coming back better than ever! Whether you take a cruise, travel to a resort, or rent a catamaran and sail like we did, you will not be disappointed. The area is truly paradise.


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