It seems there's a new scam on the loose and news media has jumped on it. Everyone I personally know has Netflix, so this is one scam you may want to pay attention for.

According to ABC News and many, many police department Facebook pages, a scam that we've seen before has popped up in the form of an email alerting Netflix users that their accounts have been deactivated.

Specifically, the email says your account was deactivated because they "could not validate billing information". What do you think it asks for next? Yes, it prompts Netflix users to click on a link to re-enter their credit card number along with their personal information.

There's an easy way to check if you're having real issues with your Netflix account - go to the actual Netflix website and login like you normally would to verify what's true or not. Don't click on any of the links in any suspicious email asking for your information.

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