Back To The Future is one of the most popular movies to come out of the 80's. Marty. Doc Brown. Flux Capacitor. DeLorean. Those names and items are forever ingrained in pop culture. The vehicle featured in the movie, DMC DeLorean, gained a majority of it's popularity from the movie even if the car itself was not very good. It appears that the DeLorean will be making a return with it's major mechanical issue removed, the engine.

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During Super Bowl LVI, a quick teaser was shown featuring the outline of the famous gull wing doors, the windshield and a portion of the DeLorean hood.

Pretty cool, right?

Turns out, DeLorean Motor Company is ready to set up shop in San Antonio to build a new version of the DeLorean that removes what was the original car's biggest problem, the engine. This version will be what many car companies are putting more emphasis on, an all electric vehicle.

The plant is expected to open near Lackland Air Force Base and provide about 450 jobs to the San Antonio area. DeLorean Motor Company is no stranger to Texas as they brought the brand back in 1995 with it's headquarters in Humble and has been a way for DeLorean owners or collectors to get their vehicle serviced.

The company also plans to partner with area colleges (Texas A&M San Antonio, UT San Antonio, Trinity University, Texas State university) to add to their workforce. No word on the amount of production this new DeLorean will receive but some feel it could only be a limited number that are actually produced which also means it may garner a premium price. It will also likely be several years before we even see this vehicle.

No word, either, if a flux capacitor will be built into the new DeLorean.

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