Almost five years ago, Hollywood lost an unconventional star, Paul Walker. He rose to fame through the The Fast and the Furious series of films.

In a new documentary fans will get to see the actor's off-screen activities. In an interview with ABC, Paul's brothers and father told Chris Connelly about Pauls love for his daughter, Meadow, and his charity work.

"He didn't idolize all these people and go, 'I wanna be a big movie star one day," his brother Cody Walker told GMA in advance of the documentary's release later this month. He worked tirelessly with the non-profit, Reach Out Worldwide that he created. When he wasn't giving of his time to others, he was spending as much time as possible with his daughter.

"He loved her. He was so proud of her," Cody said. "He also carried a lot of guilt for not being the traditional type of father that was necessarily there every step of the way."

Cody continued, "He would say things like, 'I only have this many more years until she's all grown up'...He had signed on to do a...another...three-movie deal. And then got the news that she was gonna come live with him. And he went immediately to go get himself out of [the deal], but it was just beyond that point of no return. And it crushed him."

The documentary debuts at 8 pm, CST, Aug. 11, on the Paramount Network.

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