The question is asked all the time of what new shopping experience East Texans would love to have in the area. One of the top answers to that question is H-E-B. True, Carthage and Lufkin have one, but East Texans want a more modern H-E-B experience. While no plans have been announced for East Texas, the Dallas - Fort Worth area is adding some stores with the latest being in Fort Worth.

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Back in March, East Texans got excited that a modern H-E-B was coming a little closer to East Texas, in Forney. While still an hour and a half away, give or take, and even with gas as high as it is now, some East Texans were kinda open to driving there to shop once it does open.

Fort Worth is a little bit harder of a drive, however, compared to Forney. That doesn't mean the jealousy of a new H-E-B being added there isn't high. This new store is expected to be the anchor of a new retail space just north of Fort Worth proper off of Interstate 35 West.

This area is already loaded with retail and dining options like Kroger Marketplace, Razzoo's, Best Buy, Boot barn and many others. H-E-B is expected to be the centerpiece of this particular retail space with Torchy’s Tacos, CAVA, Black Rifle Coffee Company and Dash Nail Spa surrounding the grocery chain.

The thing is, while this is pretty certain of happening, and H-E-B owning a plot in this new retail space, H-E-B themselves have not made an official announcement of a new building project in that area. That's not to say this news is false, it just seems the developer may have jumped the gun a bit on this news.

Either way, East Texans want an H-E-B. It just all comes down to if that "handshake agreement" between W.T. Brookshire and H.E. Butt to not build in their areas is true and if H-E-B wants to bring a modern store to East Texas.

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