I'm being Captain Obvious here but H-E-B is a big deal in Texas. Over the last several years, H-E-B has been expanding their reach outside of Central Texas by opening stores in North Texas, including their offshoot store Joe V's Smart Shop. On Wednesday, April 10, over 800 people didn't let the rain stop them from being the first to shop at H-E-B in the Alliance Town Center in Fort Worth.

H-E-B's Complicated History with East Texas

If you're unfamiliar with the story, it is believed that many, many, many years ago, Howard E. Butt loaned Wood T. (W.T.) Brookshire some money to start his Brookshire's grocery chain. The two men agreed that neither would build a store in each other's territory, the two shook hands and the companies have lived up to that agreement to this day. This story has never been proven but it has never been debunked, either.

Currently in East Texas, there are two H-E-B stores, one in Carthage and one in Lufkin, which is home to Brookshire Brothers which was started by Austin and Tom Brookshire, W.T. Brookshire's brothers. Both are older stores with less of the bells and whistles that a modern H-E-B store provides.

Fort Worth H-E-B

On Wednesday, April 10, H-E-B opened its newest location in the Alliance Town Center in Fort Worth. It is estimated that about 800 people were there for the grand opening (
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In 2015, Brookshire's Grocery Company explored selling the company with H-E-B being one of the interested buyers. Albertsons was also said to have been a potential buyer. A couple of months later, it was announced that the exploration of the sale was terminated.

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In the meantime, all H-E-B fans in East Texas will either just have to wait on a store or travel to DFW to get their H-E-B fix. One will be opening soon in Forney which will be one of the closest to East Texas outside of Corsicana.

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