Most retail or grocery stores have some kind of audio playing when we walk in. That music is there to make the experience a little bit more fun. It can be songs from an era before our time or songs that are only a few years old. You may see a person or two singing along with the song or even doing a little dance as they pick out a bag of chips. For some H-E-B employees, or partners as the company likes to call them, there is one particular song that is starting grate on their nerves a bit and really wish the song would stop playing.

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H-E-B is a beloved Texas based store. They line the roads of many towns in Central and North Texas. For us in East Texas, we have a H-E-B in Lufkin and in Carthage. However, those stores are old and outdated. That's why many East Texans would love to see a more modern H-E-B shopping experience come to the area. Brookshire's does lead the way in East Texas for groceries. But the rumor of a hand shake agreement between the founders of the two grocery giants to never build in their particular areas seems to be what's holding that back.

Mambo No. 5

Recently, a partner from H-E-B went onto Reddit and posted their thoughts about having to hear the 90s line dancing hit from Lou Bega, Mambo No. 5, way too much. So much so that they want to "pull the fire alarm" if it comes on again. An employee from different H-E-B store said that the song plays at exactly the same time everyday, giving them a bit of PTSD. Other commenters posted about songs that they would prefer not to hear while shopping anywhere.

Music Service

There's not much that H-E-B can do about the number of times the song plays. Most likely, the company subscribes to some kind of music service and the particular channel that's played in the store schedules the song. The store would need to switch the station to have the song not play anymore.

So sorry shoppers of H-E-B, Mambo No. 5 will probably continue playing giving employees and customers to chance to line dance daily down the bread aisle.

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