Members of the 2015 New York Yankees had some fun today with an iconic scene from one of my childhood movie favorites, 'The Sandlot.'

After Benny 'The Jet' Rodriguez has slugged the one ball they had to play with on the titular sandlot over the fence, Smalls runs home to get a baseball. Clueless as to the significance of the ball he tosses to the pitcher and play resumes.

When that ball goes over the fence as well, he loses his cool and tells the guys he's got to get the ball back for his step-dad.

Here's the original scene:

... and here it is in the style of the 2015 NY Yankees.

You mean to tel me you went home and swiped a ball signed by Babe Ruth and brought it out here and actually played with it?

And acutally played with it?

Yeah, yeah but I was going to bring it back. but it was signed by Babe Ruth.

Yeah, yeah you keep telling me that, but who is she?



The Sultan of Swat

The King of Crash

The Collossus of Clout

The Collosus of Clout


The Great Bambino

Oh my God, You mean taht's the same guy? Ugh, I don't feel so good.

I grew up loving this movie. I think I've seen it fifty times. 'You're killing me, Smalls,' is one of my most quote movie lines, and favorite responses in frustrated moments with co-workers. It's a classic coming of age film mixed with great music, humor and America's favorite pastime, baseball.

The film was released in 1993, so many of the Yankee's current ball players have probably seen this film as many times, or more, than I have.