Peyton Manning will likely now become a quarterback who made his mark with one team but finished his career with another. He's not alone. Here are a few more quarterbacks who finished somewhere other than where they became local legends.

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    Peyton Manning

    Indianapolis Colts

    Where will Peyton Manning be playing in the fall? It's not going to be Indianapolis. Peyton has walked out of Lucas Oil Stadium for the last time in a Colts jersey. Released today from the Colts' franchise, Manning is looking for a new home. Peyton's Dad, Archie, can relate. Playing for the New Orleans Saints for years, but retiring with a different team - Minnesota Vikings.

    Andy Lyons, Getty Images
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    Donovan McNabb

    Philadelphia Eagles

    Donovan McNabb spent 11 seasons with the Eagles after being drafted No. 2 overall by the team in 1999. His work was highlighted by six Pro Bowl selections and an appearance in Super Bowl XXXIX in 2004. But the quarterback parted ways with his team in 2010, going to the Washington Redskins for a year-long stint before heading to the Minnesota Vikings. McNabb ended up asking the team to release him in December 2011 — a wish the team granted — and he hasn't found a new home yet.
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    Brett Favre

    Green Bay Packers

    Brett Favre spent 16 seasons as quarterback of the Green Bay Packers, which included two NFC championships and a Super Bowl win. So he decided to retire in 2008 — and then decided not too. After much back-and-forth between Favre and the club that was trying to move on without him, the Packers agreed to a trade that sent the quarterback to the New York Jets. He lasted one year in New York before moving on to a two-year stint with the Minnesota Vikings. Favre announced his intention to retire — again — in January 2011 and the move has stuck so far.
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    Joe Montana

    San Francisco 49ers

    When you think of Joe Montana, you think of the San Francisco 49ers, and there's a reason for that. Montana spent 14 seasons with the team, including four Super Bowl championships and three Super Bowl MVPs. But an elbow injury plagued the great QB in his last two seasons, and Steve Young slid into the starting spot. In 1993, Montana was traded to the Kansas City Chiefs, where he played for two seasons before announcing his retirement in 1995.
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    Warren Moon

    Houston Oilers

    Joe Montana isn't the only legendary QB to end his career in Kansas City. Warren Moon played 10 seasons with the Houston Oilers before being traded in 1994. He spent three years with the Minnesota Vikings, two with the Seattle Seahawks and two more with the Kansas City Chiefs before finally retiring in 2001.
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    Archie Manning

    New Orleans Saints

    Peyton isn't the only Manning who didn't stay with one team. Archie Manning led the New Orleans Saints for 10 seasons, including two Pro-Bowl selections. But in 1982, Manning left for the Houston Oilers and then the Minnesota Vikings to end his 13-year career in the NFL.
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    Joe Namath

    New York Jets

    Joe Namath is most recognized in his New York Jets uniform, spending 12 years with the team and leading them to a win in Super Bowl III. But he was waived by the team in 1977 before signing a deal with the Los Angeles Rams. Unfortunately, injures had taken their toll and Namath retired after one season with the Rams. Joe is also remembered as the Legg pantyhose "in the egg" spokesman!
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    Johnny Unitas

    Baltimore Colts

    Johnny Unitas spent 17 seasons with the Baltimore Colts, picking up 10 Pro Bowl selections and a Super Bowl win in 1970. He was also a three-time NFL MVP with wins in 1959, '64 and '67. But the team traded him to the San Diego Chargers in 1973, where he spent one season before retiring.
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    Steve McNair

    Houston Oilers/Tennessee Titans

    The name might have changed, but the quarterback stayed the same. McNair was drafted in 1995 by the Houston Oilers, which became the Tennessee Oilers, which became the Tennessee Titans. McNair spent 11 years with the franchise, collecting three Pro-Bowl selections along the way. But the two parted ways in 2006 with McNair ending up with the Baltimore Ravens for two seasons before retiring in 2008.