Brad Paisley stopped by the Big D and Bubba studio last week to talk about the CMA Awards. If you missed that conversation, check it out here. He came back this week to talk about his brand new song "Bucked Off".

The tune is a fun rodeo themed song. Brad Paisley performed it on the CMA Awards. Watch it below.

I like it, especially all the George Strait references.

Of course, the conversation turned to his Nationwide Insurance commercials with Peyton Manning. Who knew that commercials would become as entertaining as these are? We got the scoop that the one where they are on the bus was all improve. Peyton is great.

We got more proof, too, of Brad's amazing guitar playing. Brad playing "Dixie" and "Yankee Doodle", At-The-Same-Time, is still crazy good.

Gotta love Patrick failing at the "Name That Tune" guitar picking edition, too. Brad Paisley is the best.

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