It seems Texas schools are thinking outside the box when it comes to doing what's right for our children. While some may have reverted to an older tactic, Katy ISD schools just approved a new district policy for 'no-homework nights', according to the Houston Chron.

Katy school district, a suburb of Houston, officially created six 'family nights' that prevent teachers from assigning homework for the '17-18 academic year. This is on the heels of last year when more and more parents became vocal about the increasing stress their kids were dealing with from large workloads.

Maybe you remember when an elementary school teacher from Godley, Texas assigned her students' parents to eat, read, play and bond with their kids in lieu of homework. Well, that idea has definitely been making some waves in the conversation about education. Both students and parents have been lobbying for this to happen.

The district spokeswoman, Maria DiPetta, told the Chron:

The goal of that night is to encourage family gatherings, family dinners or going to a football game - anything geared around family.

I think this is a great example of teachers trying to find creative ways to make a positive impact in their students lives. A teacher can only do so much for your kids. At the end of the day, it's your job as a parent to instill the correct values in them. This idea will only work if 'no-homework nights' are synonymous with 'family nights'.

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