You often find the best stuff in the weirdest places. This Korean dive bar in Dallas-area Carrollton, TX is no exception so I'm going to tell you what they have first and then when your appetite is revving, I'll tell you the name of the bar-restaurant.

Dallas Observer food critic Brian Reinhart wrote about this little gem and focused on their specialty dish called Cheese Island. If the picture above doesn't say it all, I'll quote Brian:

The cheese is the ocean: Cheese Island is the pile of fried chicken wings and fries stacked like Jenga blocks on top.

Is that just not the most beautiful thing you've ever read?

That's not the only jaw-dropping menu item they have. Their Korean fusion menu has some very unique items including:

  • 3 kinds of french fries (waffle, regular and wedges) - simple, yet elegant
  • Cheetohs french fries
  • Kimchi fried rice
  • a stew with Kraft singles on top

Then they also have the standard Korean fare. My mother is from Korea so I grew up on most of this and it looks legit.

Ok. So the name. According to the Observer, this restaurant's Korean name is translated to 'butthole'. It kind of makes sense when you see their logo. Growing up, I used to say this word all of the time around my mom - and she punished me for it. Now I know why.

And don't forget it's a bar, so they get a little creative with the drinks too.

Happy dive bar hunting. This one is next on the list.

Put this in your GPS and save it. You'll probably be back.

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