We've had some hot days in Texas so far. Which makes getting in the air conditioning or a pool or a lake feel so much better. For one North Texas man, he found an unlikely cool seeker in his truck's AC vent, a rattlesnake.

Bob Crowell was heading into the field in Hood County when he discovered the snake according to kvue.com. He posted video of the discovery on his Facebook page, shared by Stories from Texas by W. F. Strong.

Crowell usually puts a bag over the compressor to prevent such a thing from happening. The night before, he left the bag on the ground. He picked it up and tossed into the truck. Crowell thinks the snake was in the bag, slithered out and made his or herself comfortable in the vent.

He knew the snake was poisonous so he carefully removed the foot long reptile with a tool and released it in the grass.

We feel you rattlesnake, we'd hide in the AC, too, if we were in the same position.

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