No one -

No one -

Mountain Dew - Let's make a body wash so 20 somethings can smell like their favorite green soda.

Yes friends, the people that bring us that neon green, caffeine infused, soda have a made a body wash for men (or women. But I doubt ANY woman would use this. Unless you just happen to be into this sorta thing.)

According to, the body wash has:

an intense citrus scent that smells exactly like the soda.

This originally came about as a joke on Reddit. But due to an explosion in popularity on social media, the company behind Mountain Dew decided to make it a reality.

Personally, I'd rather be Zest fully clean than smell like a lime. But I'm also not 20 something and think Axe Body Spray smells good. Good luck gentlemen picking up the ladies smelling like this, this, "soap".

I kid, but not really. Don't buy this, even if it's only out for a limited time.

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