I have a hard enough time keeping up with guy-trends, I probably shouldn't be tackling girl-trends. I can't lie, I thought French tip was still a popular look. I'm wrong. Turns out trendy ladies in Austin, TX and around the Lone Star State are opting for a color a little bit more muted this fall.

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The folks at ShaneCo., turned to Google Trends to "find out the most searched nail colors in each U.S. state for every season. From the sunny vibes of summer to the cozy tones of winter, we’ve gathered the top nail colors that people are loving depending on the time of year."

And what'd they find you should be getting at your next manicure, ladies? Nude. No, not going to the salon without clothes, that's what I thought they meant, wrong again. They're saying that opting for neutral shades on those nails is what is popular right now:

As the leaves turn and the air gets crisper, fall ushers in a preference for the neutral nude shades. It’s a reflection of the season’s earthy tones and the desire for something warm and comforting as we cozy up and prepare for the colder months ahead.

The Most Popular Nail Colors in Texas

Spring: pink
Summer: nude
Fall: nude
Winter: gold

And just for good measure, overall, the most popular color in the Spring is pink (28 states), in the Summer is a French manicure (13 states), in the Fall is a nude shade (10 states), and in the Winter is gold (11 states).

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