When traveling through Texas, finding some great barbecue is a must on a road trip. In East Texas, Stanley's Famous Pit Bar-B-Q is a popular option. In Central Texas there's Snow's BBQ. In West Texas there's Evie Mae's. In South Texas there's 1701 Barbecue. But the number one barbecue joint in Texas sits in North Texas, Fort Worth to be exact, Goldee's BBQ. This barbecue joint quickly gained a following when they opened in 2020 and were named the number one barbecue joint in Texas by Texas Monthly in 2021. Goldee's announced some big news recently that a new joint will be opened in Fort Worth but this one will have a twist to it.

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The New Kids are Number 1

Goldee's BBQ in Fort Worth has only been open since 2020. Actually, they opened in February of 2020, barely a month before the COVID pandemic shut everything down. They survived and built a fandom that has grown by leaps and bounds. They are a group of five who went to school together since elementary school. They have all worked at some of the best barbecue barbecue spots in the state including Franklin Barbecue, La Barbecue, Micklethwait and Valentina's taking that experience and making their own flavor.

Second Location Needed

Due to their new found fame in the barbecue space, Goldee's has decided to expand with another restaurant in Fort Worth. However, this one has a twist, it's only ribs and will be called Ribbee's.

New Spot's Hours

This new spot will also have different hours than their flagship restaurant. Goldee's is open for lunch only on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. Ribbee's will be open for lunch and dinner Wednesday through Sunday.

Barbecue fans in Fort Worth, barbecue fans in East Texas, barbecue fans all across Texas are excited for this new opening. The more barbecue, the better in Texas.

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