The Academy Awards will be held Sunday night and quite a few of Hollywood's finest will soon be holding their very own Oscar statue. Although we will not know who wins until the sealed envelopes are opened on stage Sunday night it's always fun to speculate and guess who and what is going to win! Although it's illegal to place bets on award shows in the state of Nevada, Wynn Las Vegas odds maker John Avello has handicapped 24 different categories and placed odds on the favorites to win!

In the category of Best Picture, he gives the best odds to 12 Years A Slave at two-to-five just edging out American Hustle and Gravity and gives the movie Her the long shot with 150 to 1 odds at winning!

As far as who'll win for Best Actor, he feels it will be Matthew McConaughey giving him two-to-one and for the honors of Best Actress, Cate Blanchette's role in Blue Jasmine earns her one-to-five odds.

The 86th annual Academy Awards will be handed out on Sunday on ABC beginning at 6p and hosted by Ellen Degeneres.

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