Its the talk of everyone on the planet right now. Will Smith went on stage and slapped comedian Chris Rock after a joke about his wife. Some folks call it "honorable" others call it a "punk" move and want to see Smith charged for assault. Will Smith and Chris Rock are legends who I respect to fullest but what we saw last night and are talking about today is not only an ugly moment but also a sad one for not Rock, but for Will Smith. I got receipts and will show you why his going on stage and slapping that man was absolute trash.

Will Smith Tried His Hand At Stand Up Once.

I present to you what we call a "receipt". Will Smith started a Facebook Watch show called "Will Smith's Bucket List" and on his bucket list, he wanted to try his hand at "stand up comedy". So he worked with Dave Chappelle to help him put an act together. Through the episode, Smith and other comedians discuss what he would need to take into his act including talking about personal things including his relationship with Jada Pinkett Smith. He receives a crash course in comedy before going up and doing his thing. Fast Forward to the 16:00 MINUTE MARK to see his stand up routine where he bags on his wife and family.

So Knowing All This Why Are You UPSET With Rock Over His Joke?

will smith at the 2022 academy awards
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What we saw last night was someone who can dish it but can't take it. As long as he had jokes about his wife, its all good, but God forbid someone else jokes about your spouse, then its a problem. This is the COMEDY game you wanted to be in Will remember? Heck, he LAUGHED at the joke before he got "mad" and assaulted Rock. I've been married for over 20 years and I too have had moments where men have disrespected my spouse and I wigged out but not in the way he handled it. While he was studying Chappelle, maybe he should have took some advice from Dave from one his previous Netflix specials about having a "brittle spirit".

Comedians everywhere have been catching hell because we live a "brittle spirit" society where we cant even have fun anymore because of someone's "feelings getting hurt". That's life kids. You won't go through life with everything being perfect and happy, its impossible. Its called being "human" and while being "human" causes us to do some dumb things, that still doesn't give anyone the right to assault someone over words. Words indeed have power, but what "power" exactly did anyone lose here? Seriously. That was not a "defense" of his wife, his wife was not in any danger from LAUGHTER, so if you're AFRAID of laughter, stay at home, hell just don't watch comedy ever again, don't go to the award shows and DON'T do comedy Will. Congrats on the Oscar though.

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