Dairy Queen is a beloved fast food stop for many Texans. The Dude, the chicken finger or steak finger baskets, the soft serve ice cream, the Blizzards, oh man am I hungry right now. While you can pick up a whole plethora of treats and eats at Dairy Queen, we wouldn't expect to be able to pick up an order of illegal drugs as a side to our cheeseburger add bacon. For a Dairy Queen in Clifton, Texas, employees there were busted as they were using it to deal out their goods.

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Operation Blizzard

Clifton Police received information in June of 2023 that some employees of the local Dairy Queen were selling methamphetamine. Police opened an investigation into the matter. When police discovered that the sellers were working out of that Dairy Queen, they named the investigation "Operation Blizzard." Police were able to set up undercover buys from the offending employees at the restaurant. As the investigation went on, a larger drug ring was discovered with other individuals selling methamphetamine throughout the town.

Arrests are Made

After approximately a six month investigation, police were able to obtain search warrants and make arrests on January 16 at Bosque Village Apartments and on January 26 in the 400 block of South Avenue East in Clifton. In total, 10 people were arrested and charged.

No Longer Employed

The addresses served by the search warrants are all within drug free zones due to their location near a park and a school. This will bring some additional charges on stop of the others charges they are facing. These individuals working at the Clifton Dairy Queen are no longer employed there.

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