I'm going to preface all of this by saying that I am a Texan who loves Buc-ee's. I am also a fan of Buc-ee's who understands that not everyone loves stopping to see the beaver. So no, I won't get upset, as a fan, when someone tells me they hate Buc-ee's or don't understand why it's such a big deal. There are several reasons that people do not like visiting a Buc-ee's. It's probably for the exact same reasons as a writer for Fodor's Travel, a popular travel website, doesn't like the Texas pit stop.

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Why do I Love Buc-ee's?

I love Buc-ee's because it is a Texas based company. Yes, I'm throwing around the Texas pride thing but just about anything that started in Texas is a good thing. I love the creative merchandise sold in the store, especially their t-shirts. I think Buc-ee's food is very good. Everyone's taste buds are different but their barbecue is good, I love their Beaver Chips and the wall of jerky is always a treat. I also love the chaos inside of the store. There is never a time when Buc-ee's is not busy, even at 2 a.m.

Why do people hate Buc-ee's?

To be honest, it's for the same reasons that many people love Buc-ee's. People hate battling the large crowds or trying to find a parking spot. Others believe the food is well below average and not worth the price. Others just think Buc-ee's isn't that big of a deal.

I Have Friends and Co-Workers Who Don't Like Buc-ee's

Last August, we took a trip to Dallas to celebrate my girlfriend's daughter's 17th birthday. Part of that trip, coming and going, was to stop at Buc-ee's. My girlfriend's best friend, however, was not amused. She thought Buc-ee's was a waste of time and doesn't think the store is all that. I also have a co-worker who thinks that Buc-ee's is nothing more than a tourist trap for tourists and locals alike.

The One Thing We Can All Agree On About Buc-ee's

There is one thing that we can all agree on about Buc-ee's...their restrooms are the best of any gas station. So good, in fact, you could dine inside of them.

Fodor's Travel

A writer for Fodor's Travel, Jill Robbins, isn't a fan of Buc-ee's. In fact here exact words are "I hate Buc-ee’s." In her article, she writes that the times she has stopped at Buc-ee's, mainly because her kids want to, she comes away "anxious, irritated, and behind my desired timeline." She has also been told she isn't a "real Texan" because of her disdain of Buc-ee's. That's a harsh response, by the way, and this is coming from an uber fan of Buc-ee's.

Not Everyone Likes What You Do

The one thing we need to realize is that not everyone likes or loves what you do. I love watching Japanese anime (no, not that kind, get your head out of the gutter) but my girlfriend is not a fan and never will be. Sure, I would like for her to be but I'm certainly not going to force it on her. It's okay that she doesn't love it. She loves those TV shows on TLC. I don't but I will half watch them to interact with her. Same goes for Buc-ee's, we have our reasons for loving the pit stop while others have their reasons for detesting the store.

It's Okay if You're a Texan and Don't Like Texas Stuff

Not every Texan loves the Dallas Cowboys. Not every Texan loves Whataburger. Not every Texan believes H-E-B is the greatest grocery store ever. No everyone loves to experience a Buc-ee's pit stop on a road trip. It's perfectly okay to not like everything Texas.

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