Oprah has chosen her "favorite things" for this year. When Oprah had her talk show, this was the show to watch! And if you were lucky enough to be in the audience, then you hit the jackpot, because Oprah would give everyone in the audience all her favorite things. All 50 items.

I've chosen a few of Oprah's favorites I thought were neat. Click here for the complete list of Oprah's favorite things.

Nail Polish Set

#1 - Nail Polish Set

I thought was a neat gift. It's toxic-free nail polish in 12 gorgeous colors! Oprah says there is a color for every mood. This would be a perfect gift for a friend who loves to keep her nails pretty. This product is from Julep - click here for their website.


#2 - Capri Double Zip Checkbook Clutch

This is exactly what I need. I can't tell you how many times I dig and dig for things in my purse! This clutch is a fashionable way to carry everything you need, with a lot less stress. It's made from beautiful Italian leather. Made by Tusk. Click here to go to their site.

Bouganvilla Bangle

#3 - Bougainvillea Bangles

FUN! Right girls. These bangles remind Oprah of her visit to India. Well, we may not can afford to go to India, but we can still have a little India in our lives! Only #39 each. Check out this great website.It offers not only bangles, but all types of jewelry, bags, candles and more.


$4 - Corkcicle

Perfect for the wine lover in your life. The Corkcicle keeps the wine chilled so there is no need of an ice bucket. Just put the Corkcicle in the freezer and it's ready to go. Only $25. Click here for more about the Corkcicle.

Pajama Set

#5 - Pajama Set

This is a high-end pajama set at $160, but it's made of satiny pima cotton with mother of pearl buttons! Wear these pajamas around the house and feel extra special. Great for a wintery night when you cozy up to the fireplace. Click here for Back Home Pajamas.

Oprah's Final Favorite Episode