For years Oprah Winfrey has been unveiling a list of her favorite things that she wants to give or receive during the holidays. When she had her TV show, the entire audience would receive each of the things on her list and the audience basically went crazy especially the year that she gave them all Volkswagen Beetles one year!

Although she's done with her daytime TV show, she still reveals a list of her favorite things through her magazine, "O". Oprah's Favorite Things for 2014 will be revealed in the December issue, but do include the following things:

  • Golden Beats set by Dr. Dre
  • Ladie's bike
  • yoga tablet
  • copper tray and mug set
  • fleece robe

Oprah's Favorite Things list for 2014 is quite lengthy and features a whopping seventy-two items! You'll be able to see all the items in the magazine beginning November 11th or just check them all out on her website.

If you had a 'favorite things' list for the holidays (or lets just go ahead and call it your wish list), what's on the list? Let us know by leaving your wanted items in the comment section below.