The nominations for the Oscars have been announced and the waiting game is almost over.

The 92nd Academy Awards are coming up Sunday and while the stars are getting ready with their stylists and preparing their acceptance speeches, hundreds of other people are getting the venue ready for their arrival Sunday afternoon.

As Hollywood prepares for their biggest night, have you ever thought about how much time and money go in to putting on the awards show? I know I have. I wondered how much those little statuettes cost, how much red carpet is used and how much those gifts are worth that the stars receive in their goodie bags. The team at WalletHub have done their homework and compiled a list of pretty wild and amazing stats on just how much time, effort and money goes in to putting on this show each year.

Let's hope your Oscar party goes as smoothly as your Super Bowl party did last week and hope that your predictions for each category are spot on when the winners are announced on Sunday night on ABC.


Source: WalletHub

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