Pardon my language but how in the hell can someone think it's okay to take a dog and wrap it's feet with duck tape and gag it. Disgusting.

That is what is being investigated in Palestine after a Facebook photo was circulated on social media over the weekend according The Palestine Herald.

To make matters worse, it is believed the suspect works for Palestine ISD.

Palestine ISD issued this statement:

At approximately 9 p.m. Sunday, the PISD was informed of a potential animal welfare issue involving one of our current employees. This claim is not school-related, but it does involve a school employee. The person reporting the incident claimed that a current PISD employee is engaging in animal cruelty through improperly breeding dogs, and that evidence of this cruelty was sent via text messages to another person. We thank the person who notified us of the electronic exchanges, and we will investigate this situation thoroughly.

The unnamed employee has been relieved of duties at the school while the investigating is ongoing.

Ok. I need to feel better after reading this. I'm sure you do, too. Let me share some pictures of my old man Buddy. He's 13 now.

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