I understand that we have all been a bit more stressed out lately, but there is no reason to have a temper tantrum when things don't go how you planned. Let's be honest, life never goes according to plan but it always works out. But this guy at the Dallas Fort Worth airport went way too far with airport police and because of his actions he was hit with a taser and arrested.

As you will see below he obviously had issues with his travel plans getting to Longview and he allegedly spent $2,000 on his flight. But I don't understand why he believes he needs to shout at police officers, never have I ever thought that screaming at police officers would help solve any issue. This has to be some of the most childish behavior I have ever seen in my life.

The Police at DFW Airport Were More Than Patient With This Lunatic

As you see with the video below you can tell police officers are trying their best to calm the man down but he refuses to stop yelling. He is lucky that the officers didn't react quicker to his bad behavior, because every second of this video clearly shows that this guy is in the wrong.

This Guy at DFW Airport Does Everything Wrong

Almost anyone who has traveled has dealt with delays or issues that were out of our control. But screaming so police get involved only make the situation worse, it's crazy that a grown man doesn't understand this logic. While I truly hope this man got to Longview and completed his trip let's hope that he also learned a good lesson on how to act in public and how to treat law enforcement.


Okay, now it's time to watch the video.

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