It's Patrick Lavon Mahomes II's birthday today (September 17th).

Not to be confused with Patrick Mahomes Day, which is in early February. No, 25 years ago today Patrick Mahomes' father and Patrick Mahomes' mother were sent a little football angel who would grow up to be the NFL MVP, Super Bowl Champion, Super Bowl MVP, All-Pro Pro Bowl Quarterback Patrick Mahomes.

Because it's Mahomes' birthday, his favorite beer and title sponsor of his last six birthdays (allegedly) made the star quarterback a cake to celebrate. They also donated $15,000 to his foundation, 15 and the Mahomies.

No, that's not a case of beer. It's a cake. That's so 2020, am I right?

Mahomes also got a sweet birthday song from his little sister and mom on Twitter:

And, obviously, Twitter was ablaze with birthday wishes for Mahomes.

Most people just listed his accomplishments made before his 25th birthday.

I mean, the accomplishments are ridiculous...

He can set another record this weekend, by the way.

Adam Schefter from ESPN also reminded everyone how good of a year Mahomes is having compared to everyone else.

The Chiefs doubled-down and shared a video of their 25 favorite throws from their birthday boy:

The NFL didn't want to miss out on the fun, either. (The NFL loves the fun.) They shared a video of the best throw from every single start in Patrick Mahomes' young career starting with Week 17 of 2017 against the Broncos.

Fun fact: it's also the NFL's Birthday,

Patrick Mahomes: From East Texas To NFL Stardom


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