Back in the early 1990s I remember my parents bought the home that I basically grew up in, when they purchased the home the entry way was Pepto Bismol Pink in color. It was the one thing that both of my parents wanted to change after moving into our new home. Even as a kid I remember that because I thought it was crazy that someone would choose that color inside their home. But I recently found a home in Port Arthur, Texas that is the same color but it’s on the exterior of the home. 

Which just makes me wonder if someone would be willing to look past the color of the home when looking for something to rent. I realize that someone is not going to care and the home will be rented out at some point but if I were the home owner, I would think about painting the exterior of the home prior to finding a renter. If they change the color of the home, I’m sure it would get more attention and you might even be able to raise the rental cost. 

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More Information on the Pepto Bismol Pink House in Port Arthur, Texas 

If you can see past the color the home isn’t bad at all. It has three bedrooms, one bathroom, 1,140 square feet and is right next to Sabine Lake on the Texas-Louisiana border. The rental asking price is $1,500 a month. The address for the pink house is 642 Sabine Ave, Port Arthur, TX 77642. 

Inside of the Pepto Bismol Pink House in Port Arthur, Texas Looks Nice 

While the exterior color might be an eye sore the interior looks updated especially in the kitchen and bathroom. Enough of me talking about it, you can see photos of this place below. And I want to know, would you rent the pink house? 

Pepto Bismol Pink House in Port Arthur, Texas

The interior doesn't look bad as long as you can get past the pink exterior.

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