If you have a really big family or lots of friends that you like to vacation with, I think I found a perfect vacation rental in Mason, Texas that could be perfect for you. I’m not sure if I have ever seen a VRBO that can sleep this many people but the listing says that it can handle between 12 and 37 people, and there are lots of activities to keep everyone entertained too.  

This property is known as the Red Sands Ranch, and while it has room for everyone there is still space for you to find some privacy. This rental offers 7 separate cabins, there are 9 bedrooms, with a total of 25 beds. Don’t worry about bathrooms either as there are 6 full bathrooms and one ½ bath so it’s not such a struggle with everyone trying to get ready in the morning.  

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Red Sands Ranch Even Has It’s Own Airstrip 

If you are a pilot or know someone who wants to fly you directly to this vacation rental you can do that as it has it’s own 3000’ airstrip for planes to land. There is a poolside cabana next to a 4-story waterslide, so this really is going to be a place that the whole family enjoys.  

So Many Amenities at Red Sands Ranch in Mason, Texas 

This incredible rental offers so much including a gym, full-court basketball, a game room, hot tub, fishing, and miles of trails to explore. The listing says the cost is $2195 per night, but for weekends I saw the price increase to $2695 per night. But when you divide the price with friends and family this could be the perfect place to plan your next getaway. Check out the photos.  

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