As a parent, when you send your child to school you expect them to be kept safe. You don't expect them to experience any type of trauma.

As adults, it can be daunting to send our children to school. From bullying to drills for active shooters, our children walk into a war zone each and every day.

That's why it immediately raises concerns to hear about the situation coming out of Plainview, Texas.

The story, as given from several sources, is that the family of a 6-year-old student at South Elementary School in Plainview noticed changes in their daughter's behavior. They say that when questioned, their daughter's answer unlocked the nightmare that every parent has.

According to KCBD in Lubbock, the student told her parents that a boy exposed himself in the lunch line, but as the child's recount continued, she claimed that a student pulled her under a desk and forced her into a sexual act. The claim also states that the act was recorded by another student on a school iPad. The video allegedly shows the girl fighting back.

The sources indicate that school officials were aware of the incident, but state that they neglected to inform the student's parents of the incident and are said to have stonewalled the parents about the situation when they asked questions.

KCBD reported that Plainview ISD Superintendent H.T. Sanchez stated that the video content was found on the device and the school made a report to CPS.  A state investigator then began working with local police to investigate the case.

“He had asked that we hold confidentiality because he wanted to be sure that he was able to get the full story from each of the students, the minors, that were involved,” Sanchez said. “All of the steps that we’re required to take, we took.”

TikToker West Texas Progressive posted a video about the situation.

There have been ongoing protests by community members.  A protest will be held on Friday, May 5th at 6 pm in Broadway Park in Plainview.

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