Its amazing the lengths that people will go to just to have sex. Paying someone whatever amount for what, an hour of pleasure. To be honest, I'd rather go without than have to pay for it. For some Texas men, however, they want to pay for it and are going to a quite and very unassuming neighborhood in Plano, Texas in hopes of some brief pleasure. Problem is, the address they are given is for a retired woman's home who has nothing to do with any of it. Rightfully so, she is absolutely tired of it.

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The "Johns" Showing Up at Her House

Over the last year, men from as far away as Laredo have traveled to a Plano neighborhood in the hopes of getting sex ( Problem is, the address they are given is for a retired woman that doesn't want their company and the names the men are given are fake. 66 year-old Elaine White is tired of the "Johns" that have been showing up at all hours of the day and night looking for Nikki or Kelly or Rhonda.

What She's Done to Try to Scare the Men Off

White installed a Ring doorbell camera in hopes of deterring these would be pleasure seekers. When that didn't work, she painted a hand written sign that reads "Kelly DOES NOT Live Here." That didn't work so she added a sign on her front door that reads "Warning - This Door Locked for Your Protection, Not Mine" with a pistol pointed straight ahead.

Yes, I have my Smith & Wesson .357 Magnum, loaded, 4-inch barrel next to me and I answer the door with it. - Elaine White

Police have been quick to respond to White's calls when the men show up. They believe that White's address is being used at random to scam these men out of their money. Two of the men White confronted said they were sent by Thai Massage of North Dallas. Turns out, that business is nonexistent and the phone number is fake.

One conversation between White and one of the men went like this:

Man - "I'm suppossed to me someone here."

White - "Which name?"

Man - "Uh, Rhonda."

White - "For drugs or sex?"

Man - "Umm, second one."

White - "Well, you know what? This is a bait house and you have 10 seconds to get away from it or the cops are gonna getcha. You better hurry."

You have to feel bad for Elaine White as she deals with this situation. Hopefully police can figure out where this is coming from so that it will stop happening.

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