Why is watching a fight so fascinating? I have to ask myself that question every time I see a fight video in my social media feed. The other question I have to ask is "Why?" Of all the reasons that I can think of to actually fight someone, not being able to sell candy bars at a restaurant isn't one of them. For the three "adults" in this video, they thought is was appropriate to rush the manager of a Plano, Texas Hooters and a customer, causing a serious injury and some building damage.

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This happened Sunday, October 9, at a Hooters in Plano.

Plano Hooters Where Fight Took Place - Google Maps
Plano Hooters Where Fight Took Place - Google Maps

What started the disagreement?

Four kids had entered the restaurant to sell candy bars. I'm sure this was some kind of school fund raiser but I can only assume because that is not specified in the story. Most restaurants have an explicit policy about solicitation, meaning you can't come into their building doing something like selling candy bars for a school fund raiser. The manager of the Hooters asked the kids to leave and escorted them out while the kids were throwing a fit.

That Escalated Quickly

As the kids were being escorted out, three "adults" (I'm putting adult in parentheses because these three are only adults in age, not maturity) began arguing with the manger and the customer helping escort the kids out. Those three "adults" began throwing haymakers at both the manager and the customer. The manager suffered a broken arm and was taken to the hospital as was the customer for unspecified injuries. Both were treated and released.

Its is over a f*****g chocolate bar

To top it off, one of the three "adults" picked up an ashtray stand and used it to smash a window in the foyer area. The "adults" left by the time police had arrived. Police are currently looking at video of the incident to identify who these three are to possibly make an arrest or arrests.

This Act was Stupid

As I said at the top, there are legitimate reasons to start a fight, not being able to sell candy bars at a restaurant IS NOT one of them. There was no reason for this.

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