/It's always good to see more positivity being spread online, especially when it has to do with here in East Texas. By now everyone knows about Joe Mack Roy also known as 'Pop' from Pop Watch all over social media. He is the lovable grandfather who isn't afraid to tell it to you straight. But recently he took to social media to show off a gift he and his grandson Jason dropped off to fantastic restaurant manager and friend of the family in Longview, Texas.

The generous wooden cutting board and shirts from Pop and Jason were given to Mrs. Constance who is the General Manager of one of the Taco Bell locations in Longview. She has been looking out for Pop, Nan, and the family and has truly become a close friend.

Mrs. Constance Helped Pop Recovery After a Medical Procedure

It wasn't long ago that Pop had to travel to Dallas for a medical procedure. After returning home to Longview doctors wanted pop to put on a few pounds and Mrs. Constance would regularly check if Pop needed tacos. She offers tremendous customer service to anyone who stops by her Taco Bell location.

We Need to Recognize the Ones Who Give Great Customer Service

There are so many people jumping on social media to give negative reviews, we need more people sharing good experiences that take place when visiting restaurants and businesses. There is a tremendous employee at Target in Longview, amazing Carhop at Sonic in Tyler too. Thank you Mrs. Constance for being awesome, and thank you to Pop and Jason for spreading the positivity.

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