Just about everyone in East Texas has heard of the Legendary Joe Mack Roy, also known as Pop from Pop Watch, and his darling wife Nan. They really are celebrities in East Texas and beyond having built a gigantic following online with the Pop Watch social media channels. But the reason that people seem to love Pop and Nan so much is because they are remarkable people and building statues of these legends could really bring lots of tourist dollars to their hometown of Longview, Texas.

I'm not sure who needs to hear this currently working for the City of Longview but this really seems like an easy decision to make. There are hundreds and hundreds of requests that come in for fans of Pop and Nan to take photos, building statues for Pop and Nan would absolutely bring in dollars for the city. All the tourists that visit to take a picture would most likely stop into a local business and grab a bite to eat or something to drink while in town.

Do Pop and Nan Truly Deserve Statues in Longview, Texas?

Longview, Texas has a lot of hardworking people who enjoy living in East Texas. Pop is a veteran who proudly served our country, Nan is an immigrant who has devoted her life to teaching immigrants and serving others for over 50 years. They are a perfect example of hard working Texans and exactly what we stand for here in East Texas.

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Statues of Pop and Nan Should Happen As Quick As Possible

The sooner the statues are created the better, especially if local artists can be contracted on the project. One statue of Pop on a bench leaving room for visitors to sit with him would be perfect. Another statue of Nan wearing her little hat with her hands in her pockets would also be a piece of art that celebrates diversity. If cost became an issue I can guarantee that fans of Pop Watch (like myself) would be willing to chip in to make this idea a reality.

I got to chat with Jason Roy the grandson of Pop and Nan and he said:

Consensus outside of Longview (all over the country and world) would support this movement and then capitalize on making a pilgrimage to Longview to have a chance to get back something that hundreds and thousands and millions of people around the city, country and world have lost...the ability to give back the feeling of a lost generation of family that brings them comfort and memories that up till now (being fans of Pop Watch) they have forgotten.


Imagine how many elderly loved ones this country lost to the pandemic....and family never had a 2nd chance.


The Roy's (Pop & Nan) are a 2nd chance for a lot of people to relive what they have lost forever.


A lot of people just want a place to turn to here they can fill their voids of life's memories that are no longer represented. Watching on the internet is one thing...but to physically be able to touch and laugh and cry and take pictures with something that is near to so many people....our grandparents....this could be a tribute to all grandparents and people we have lost that have impacted who we are.


Why not capitalize even more on Longview being a spot for hope and memories and a city that has nothing to do with thousands and millions or people....but ends up being a city that holds one small gift....a gift that could change their lives forever.


Longview, Texas....why not us?

If you know someone with the City of Longview, their tourism board, or anyone with authority to make this a reality please tag them in this post. This could create some great publicity for the City of Longview and give these local legends the recognition they deserve.

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