Many people in Texas take pride in their homes and the way it looks and that includes their front porch area. Often, my wife loves to have a timely wreath or a welcome sign out front. Honestly, I never put any thought into the decorations around the front door, but I have been paying more attention to the porch lights my neighbors use as there are so many different colors and meanings.  

The good thing about all the different colors on display on people’s porches in Texas is that they all have a positive meaning behind them. For the most part the color of porch light that you choose means that you’re supporting a group, organization, or just showing support for those battling something. So, it’s cool to see all the different lights as we’re reminded that we are all human and are just doing the best that we can.  

Six Different Porch Light Colors and Their Meanings 

I’m sure there will be other colors and meanings added to this list but the colors that are used the most would be Green, Purple, Red, Yellow, Blue and Pink. The meaning for each one of these colors is explained below.  

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Let’s Find Out the Meanings of Each Porch Light Color 

To know that these colors are used to show support makes seeing the lights even more fun. But here is a look at the different porch light colors being used across the state of Texas and what they mean. Then it's time to choose a porch light color for your own home. 

6 Porch Light Colors to Watch Out For and Their Meaning in Texas

There are several different colors you may see someone's porch light, but what do those colors mean? 

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