Anyone who knows Cody Johnson knows that outside of family, putting on the best possible show for his fans is his number one priority. It's in his DNA.

Well, this past weekend Cody Johnson and his crew were nearly forced to walk out of a sold out arena leaving around 7,000 unfulfilled fans behind after the power went out. Not just at the venue, but across the entire town of Pikeville, Kentucky. Instead, they pulled together a powerful stripped-down, nearly acoustic, performance that, from the tweets we've read, was absolutely amazing.

It was truly a magical moment to watch 7,000 people come together to make a really cool moment happen. Again HUGE thanks to the CJB crew! We couldn’t do anything without you guys. - Jody Dale Bartula

Let's just go ahead and put it all out there, there aren't too many vocalist who would even attempt a stripped-down show like this inside a sold -out 7,000 capacity arena, let alone slay it.

Johnson' fiddle player Jody Dale Bartula had this to say afterward:

After the power went out (in the entire town)... the crowd there was kind and patient enough to let us get as much as we could working. Our crew guys are absolute miracle workers and after a pile of borrowed extension cords ran through the back window of the bus, we got a show going. Cody, Jake and I went on with 1 microphone and a couple tuners to play to a sold out arena.

That's right, instead of packing up and heading home -- and there is not one person there who would've not understood that -- they scrapped a show together. We found a couple of clips of the performance on Twitter and TikTok. If we find more, we'll update this story with them.

@lindalou0710 Even though a transformer blew, it was the best concert ever. @cojonation #fyp #codyjohnson #pikevillekentucky #gonetoosoon ♬ original sound - Honey_bee🐝


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