When I was in college, I returned from a semester break to find my dorm room had been broken into a few items stolen. So when I saw this story being reported from Prairie View A&M, I immediately thought about what happened to me and I know how these kids feel.

Several on-campus housing apartments at Prairie View A&M University were burglarized and ransacked over winter break.

According to ABC 13, several Prairie View A&M students returned from their winter break to find their apartments inside "University Village", an on campus apartment complex, ransacked and burglarized. At least 15 apartments were broken into with doors busted open, rooms ransacked, and shoes and clothes were stolen.

The university said the break-ins happened some time around Dec. 10.

ABC 13
ABC 13

Angry students and parents are pointing their fingers directly at PVAMU for its lack of security and the fact that students claim they didn't know about the burglaries for nearly A MONTH until they returned to discover the damage. PVAMU released the following statement:

"As of January 6, Prairie View A&M University has 15 reported burglaries of student housing residences. The reported burglaries occurred during the period of our student winter break, dating from December 10 through present day. All students with on-campus residences have been promptly notified in accordance with the external partner that is responsible for providing and managing all student housing. All of the reported crimes are currently under investigation with the University Police Department."

Sound like a reasonable explanation but the school still comes off looking bad after a spokesperson added the following:

"There is a security guard at the front of the gate 24/7. In order to get in to the complex, one must be listed as a resident and provide a student ID. In addition, our university police department is increasing the number of officers on the premises, specific to on-campus housing locations and their immediate surroundings, effective immediately."

According to the ABC13 report, as they were on campus interviewing students affected by the break-ins, they found that there was NO GUARD at the front gate of the complex contradicting statements given by the school. After the university was asked about security, a guard was posted.

It's Been A Wild Week For PVAMU, Someone also called in a Bomb threat this week.

Google Maps
Google Maps

Its been a busy week for security officials at PVAMU. On Tuesday, PV along with 7 other HBCU's across the country received "bomb threats" triggering evacuations or lockdowns at several campuses. Luckily, all campuses were given the "all clear" the same day and no injuries or violence was reported.

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